Frequently Asked Questions

2 Shot Molding

Q.What is the advantage of 2 shot molding over from pre-mold/over-molding?
A. "There are several advantages, fewer molds needed, less labor required, a more robust finished product, lower set up charges vs. 2 mold/presses & more."
Q.Is 2 shot only used for different colors or materials?
A. Those are the primary reasons why you would choose 2 shot but there are other reasons as well such as In-Mold Assembly, molding different parts/materials in one mold, lower tonnage requirements can be utilized & more.
Q.Is 2 shot molding a readily available technology?
A. 2 shot molding has been very popular in Europe for many years and is rapidly expanding in the US.
Q.Are 2 shot molds very expensive?
A. They can be depending on the requirements but not always.


Q.Are there any graphics limitations to In-Mold Decoration?
A. No. The possibilities are almost endless. From the simple one color item to high quality, brilliant, multiple color photograph quality graphics as well as metallic's, fabrics, and every thing in between. You are only limited by your imagination.
Q.Is In-Mold Decoration durable?
A. Yes, very durable. Unlike painting, pad printing, silk screening & hot stamping IMD, under normal conditions, will not scratch, peel, flake or wear off.
Q.Can IMD be used on unusually shaped parts?
A. "The simple answer is yes. But many factors must be considered i.e., shape, size, depth of draw, type of film required and more."
Q.Is IMD a low cost alternative to other forms of decoration?
A. In most cases no. IMD is chosen not for it's low cost but for it's market appeal.
Q.Is IMD chemical resistant?
A. There are many films used in the IMD process that are chemically resistant. This aspect must be handled on a case by case process.
Q.Why would I choose to use IMD
A. "For many reasons; durability, eye popping graphics, establish a unique market presence, breath new life into a stale product line, give the look of metal & more."