Technical Injection Molding Services
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Multi Component Molding

Sometimes called "Two-Shot" or "Multi-Shot" Injection Molding, this is a newly emerging technology that combines two or more materials in a single mold. There are various processes that can be used:

 2-Shot Over-Molding is the process of molding one plastic over another in one mold. This can be a soft Touch material over a harder substrate, a clear window in an opaque substrate or two different colors of the same material. This system offers many advantages over the traditional method of multiple molds and multiple presses. The process is much more accurate since the part never leaves the mold. The bonding of the different materials is superior as the substrate is still hot when the over-molding takes place. Also a savings is realized in one operator, one mold, one machine and one machine setup.

 Multi-Process Molding is a method of molding different parts made from different materials in the same mold. This can be especially useful when two parts are used together such as a welded assembly. It also can be used to produce parts of the same material and avoid the inherent issues associated with family tools. By using a different injection unit for each different part, we can provide the perfect injection profile for each part. Using this method has helped our customers realize significant cost savings.

 In-Mold Assembly is similar to Multi-Process molding, only we utilize mechanisms within the mold to assemble the different parts (when geometry allows) and produce an assembled unit each cycle. Not only are we realizing the benefits of molding two different parts within a single mold, we are also stripping out the labor costs associated with the traditional post mold assembly process.

  Sandwich Molding, sometimes called "Co-Injection", is a process where one material is injected through the liquid melt of another material forming a core material with a skin of the other material on the outside. This is commonly used for cost savings where a product has a lesser expensive core material with a more expensive skin material. Also a foamed inner core with a more cosmetic outer skin can result in weight decrease of the final product.

Our Vision

It is the goal of this company to supply quality products and services to our customers in a timely manner and at a reasonable price; and to provide our employees with a safe and pleasant work environment. We are further committed to a company-wide program for continuous quality improvement.

About DPI

Established in 1981, Distinctive Plastics is a Unique Contract Manufacturer specializing in "Technical Injection Molding Services" such as Multi-shot Molding, IMD (In-Mold Decorating), IMA (In-Mold Assembly), Vertical-Insert Molding and Medical Device Molding. We also offer standard Horizontal molding, with capacities from 28-ton / 1-ounce to 500-ton / 68-ounce. DPI is dedicated to utilizing robotics and automation to deliver "Value Added" services and lower "Total Part Cost".

Our full service philosophy assures you that we can assist you from conception through production. We offer full engineering services including consultation, product design assistance, Design for Manufacturing (DFM) assistance, mold flow analysis, and mold design. Our Technical Services department offers In-House tooling capability along with local and off-shore sourcing of precision injection molds.

Our molding department offers competent processing of most all engineering grade and commodity resins, with experience in 2-shot molding, insert-molding, over-molding, hot runners and valve gates. As a value-added molder we include such services as ultrasonic welding, pad printing, hot stamping and assembly.

Our modern 44,000 square foot facility in Vista, California was custom built after years of careful design and study. Being the fourth building to house this company, much experience went into the design and layout. Our Injection Molding and Tooling departments are second to none and the plant layout makes for an ease of material handling and flow of finished goods. All this just makes it easier to assure our customers "On-Time and Quality" products.