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NPE 2006 Results - 7/3/2006

Chicago, June 19 - 23, 2006 ,McCormick Center


The NPE 2006 show in Chicago was once again a show to behold.  Overall attendance was up 9% from the 2003 show and total square footage allocated was in excess of 1.3 million square feet.  As always there was excitement in the air and interest in new molding technologies was very high. 

One technology in particular was the “BUZZ” throughout the entire show and that was In Mold Decoration.  As it turns out DPI was there specifically to showcase our IMD capabilities to a wider audience while trying to make an introduction of DPI in theMidwest region.  We were not disappointed!  Many “BIG” name OEM companies such as PNY, Kimberly-Clark, Jabil, Rain Bird, Gillette and more stopped into our booth to chat with Kip Carter, Business Development Manager for DPI, about the pros and cons of IMD.  OEM interest was wide ranging but included such topics as graphic capabilities and/or limitations, durability, tooling considerations, geometry limitations, possible costs and more.

All in all it was a great show and a great opportunity for DPI to showcase our unique IMD capabilities.  We are committed to IMD and we are rapidly gaining a reputation as the “Go-To supplier of IMD” in the south west as we continue forward in our pursuit of IMD excellence.

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Our Vision

It is the goal of this company to supply quality products and services to our customers in a timely manner and at a reasonable price; and to provide our employees with a safe and pleasant work environment. We are further committed to a company-wide program for continuous quality improvement.

About DPI

Established in 1981, Distinctive Plastics is a Unique Contract Manufacturer specializing in "Technical Injection Molding Services" such as Multi-shot Molding, IMD (In-Mold Decorating), IMA (In-Mold Assembly), Vertical-Insert Molding and Medical Device Molding. We also offer standard Horizontal molding, with capacities from 28-ton / 1-ounce to 500-ton / 68-ounce. DPI is dedicated to utilizing robotics and automation to deliver "Value Added" services and lower "Total Part Cost".

Our full service philosophy assures you that we can assist you from conception through production. We offer full engineering services including consultation, product design assistance, Design for Manufacturing (DFM) assistance, mold flow analysis, and mold design. Our Technical Services department offers In-House tooling capability along with local and off-shore sourcing of precision injection molds.

Our molding department offers competent processing of most all engineering grade and commodity resins, with experience in 2-shot molding, insert-molding, over-molding, hot runners and valve gates. As a value-added molder we include such services as ultrasonic welding, pad printing, hot stamping and assembly.

Our modern 44,000 square foot facility in Vista, California was custom built after years of careful design and study. Being the fourth building to house this company, much experience went into the design and layout. Our Injection Molding and Tooling departments are second to none and the plant layout makes for an ease of material handling and flow of finished goods. All this just makes it easier to assure our customers "On-Time and Quality" products.